Not Able To Open Quicken for Windows after Updating To the Latest Release

Everyone wants to keep their financial information secure and to manage it all privately. Nobody can afford a loss of their details as it can cause a huge financial loss. So, managing accounts, as well as their security, has become a very crucial task for everyone. For this, you need to install an authentic finance management tool on your system.

Quicken is the software which can let you manage all your financial matters at one place as well as can secure it for you. You can download and save all your financial information in Quicken and secure it with a password too. It will track all your financial activities so that you cannot miss any important financial event. All the updates of Quicken provide you with features to manage your financial data in a better way.



You can keep Quicken updated as and when an update arrives to make use of it more effectively. However, it can happen that if you have updated Quicken to the latest version recently and after that, you are not able to open it. Our Quicken Customer Service can act as a guide for all the customers who are dealing with this issue.

It is possible that the issue is related to the latest update or it can be the incorrect installation process.

Here are some steps below to fix this issue for Quicken for Windows:

  • The first reason can be the antivirus present on your system which is blocking Quicken from opening. The antivirus needs to be removed or replaced or you can change the settings of the antivirus program and allow it to run normally.
  • You can uninstall the Quicken and try reinstalling the latest version again after restarting your computer. If installed, sign in with your Quicken ID and password.
  • You can also try opening Quicken without a data file:
  1. Press Ctrl + shift and open Quicken till the time it opens as a blank screen.
  2. If it is opening it means that the problem was with the data file which was not letting Quicken open. Make a backup for that data file.
  3. After this, validate your data file. For this, open file operations and click on ‘Validate and Repair’. After validation is done, click ok.

These steps need to be followed carefully so that you may not incur any loss of your financial data. Before following the procedure, make sure you have created a backup file of your complete information.

For any further assistance, regarding this issue, call at +1-800-329-1074 which is our Quicken Support Number. We provide all type of Quicken Technical Support for Windows. For all information regarding the latest release of Quicken or for any other query, we are here to help you with our technical expertise and skills. Quicken will be helpful only when it is supported by a genuine customer support. The technical knowledge or skills which are required to fix all the issues are possessed by our efficient team members.

Anyone can directly call on the given phone number and get assured help. All the technicians will help you to enjoy an error-free experience with your financial management software. Follow all the troubleshooting instructions given to you and then you are done. 

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