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HP printers are used on a huge scale due to its efficiency and performance. But nothing stays same with the period of the time, same with HP printers. It often loses its effectiveness with the time, but it can be restored if one properly take care of their printing device. Sometimes, your HP printer totally gives up and print nothing. Even after several efforts of printing, all you get is blank paper. HP Support Number can save you from those problematic scenarios.

This could be done with the following tactics:

  1. Do Basic Tests:

Sometimes we directly jump to the depth and forget to address the basic factors. Here we are explaining the importance of basics which can resolve the issues to a great extent.

  • Make sure the printer is turned on. Make sure the printer is getting enough power supply and the plug is connected to the wall socket.
  • Check the connection between your computer and printer. If required remove the USB cable and reconnect to solve the problem.
  • Make sure your printer has enough ink toner and paper to complete the printing job.


Network Errors:

Another common aspect which can prevent your device to perform printing is poor or no network connection. Printers are often used for multiple devices, especially the wireless printers which can serve multiple devices in concurrent fashion.

To presume the printing ability of your HP printer, connect it with proper network and make sure your destination computer and printer work on the same network. Sharing the same network is important in order to assign the printing jobs to the printers from a specific device. If both the devices are on the same network, then try the following methods:

Reset and Restart: Check every associate component such as router, modem, wireless access point and LAB cable. Make sure all the components are combined and interact in a comprehensive manner. Now restart all the devices and configure the settings to assure that your devices are getting a complete network connection.

Check the USB:

USB connected printers are easy to handle and fix. The first and obvious thing is USB cable is connected end-to-end. If you are a Mac user, check the preference of Printers and scanners and make sure your device is accepting your printer.

For Windows users, go to the control panel of your device and then head to Printers. Then hit the Add printer button and make sure your printer’s name is there.

If the issues are lingering even after trying all the tactics, remove the USB cable and reconnect or try a different USB cable as the damaged cable can prevent you from printing with your HP printer.

Remove the Paper Jam or Job-Stuck Issues:

The errors like paper-jam and job-stuck affect the ability of your HP printer. So one should check the cartridges and remove the stuck paper if any. Also, clean the internal; of the printer thoroughly to avoid the jam. To manage the job-stuck error, remove all the jobs from the queue and cancel all assigned tasks. Clearing the all pending jobs can help you restore the normal functioning your HP printer.

Call the Experts:

Of the things are not under your control or your knowledge and skills aren’t enough to deal with the issues, because many of times the complex errors become more severe after attempting manual efforts. Contact HP Printer Support in such cases and directly connect with HP technicians to avail the most appropriate solution for a particular issue. The HP Toll-Free Number can be reached all night and day without any waiting.

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