How to Fix “Unable to Connect to Skype” Error in Windows?


Dial Skype Support Phone Number +1-800-329-1074

Skype is one of the most user-friendly platforms which is used on a large scale by making videos and voice calls. But sometimes it becomes a hassle to connect Skype to the network and therefore it’s necessary to brainstorm in order to find the solution for such issues in order to enjoy the full range of Skype features.

If you don’t have time to troubleshoot the issues, you can directly reach to the Skype Support Phone Number, and get connected with experts. The technicians will offer you the most straightforward solution. Or else you can try the below-given solutions.

First, you just need to find out the exact cause of the errors which are preventing you to connect with the network.

  • Make sure you are using correct credentials while logging to your Skype account.
  • Try to chic your internet connection by browsing any random site, if you are unable to use open the web page, it won’t let you concert with Skype.
  • You need to check the heartbeat of Skype, which indicates the status of the Skype server status.
  • You need to recall the activity list because anything suspicious or unusual can temporarily block your Skype account.
  • You must have a separate Skype account in order to log in because you can no longer use a Facebook account to log in to Skype.

Now you need to try the proved solution for Skype connection errors.

Use Heartbeat section:

If you are not able to find the exact cause of issues on your own end, it might occur due to issues from the side of Skype:

  • Go to the Skype application on your system.
  • Open the Help section and then Heartbeat.
  • On the prompted webpage you can check for the system status of Skype.
  • If you can find any particular error in the heartbeat section, you need to wait for the Skype professional resolve the concern.

Check the settings of Firewall on your Desktop:

For the beginners, you must check the Skype firewall settings on your device. You need to allow the application access to get the maximum benefit from the application. Follow the steps to do the effective:

  • Quit/Close the Skype application on your device.
  • Go to the Firewall, and open the System Tray.
  • Now the list of all installed applications will open on your screen. Now look for the Skype on your device.
  • If Skype isn’t there, you need to enter Skype in the list. This will let the Skype connected with internet. Save the changes.
  • Restart the Skype application. Sign in using the credential.

These methods will help you resolve the connection issues with Skype. But you are still not able to use your Skype product, try the following:

Upgrade the Skype app:

Sometimes the outdated Skype version can be the reason for the connection errors you are facing, therefore upgrade if the version is no longer effective. Use the given steps:


  • Go to Skype application and then help section.
  • Click on “Check for updates”
  • Choose from Classic Skype or try any advanced version as per your choice.
  • Look for the official Skype webpage and install the latest Skype release.

Check for Windows:

It is important to use the latest version of Windows on your device or else it can cause the connection issues:

  • Long press Windows+I on your keyboard.
  • Go to “update and security” and “Check for updates”.
  • Now let the windows search for the latest updates and download the available patch.
  • Restart your system to save the update

For more detailed yet straightforward solution, call Skype Help and Support Number.

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