Dell E525W Scanner Not Working


Dell printers are of best quality and can be preferred for any printing or scanning jobs. They are reliable and easy to use printers. For advanced printing and scanning demands, they are ready to compete with any other printer. The quality of output provided by them adds value to your work. They have made it simpler to print and scan and ensure uninterrupted performance. Contact Dell Scanner Support Number and solve your all queries regarding Dell Scanner.

In spite of having the best quality components, there can be errors with the scanning feature of Dell. Sometimes when your computer is not able to detect the scanner, you will receive an error i.e. e525w. Everything is properly connected but still, your device is not recognizing the scanner. If the windows you have installed are not detecting your scanner, it can be possible because of the scanner, any cable or software present on your computer.

In such situations, you can take the facility of Dell Support and get the issue resolved. You can try these troubleshooting tips to fix the errors:

  • Use a network capable scanner and a manufacturer’s provided specialized software for scanning purpose. Sometimes the scanner works only with the software that you have received with it.
  • Make sure you have installed the latest drivers which are compatible with your windows. To fix the issue, run Printer Troubleshooter. For this, open the Printer troubleshooter and then got to control panel. Type troubleshooter in the box and then click on it. From Hardware and Sound, select Use a printer to troubleshoot it.
  • If the scanner is not detected, check if your computer can connect to it. Ensure that all the cables are properly connected and switch on the power button to check if it is connecting.
  • Use any other USB port to check if the scanner is now connecting. Unplug the scanner and then connect it using any other USB port. Now switch on the scanner and check if it is showing up or not.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection as it is required for the proper connection of scanner to the computer.
  • The scanners cannot be recognized in the absence of a proper driver. Use of an outdated driver can hamper the connection and can also break it.
  • Check the configuration of the scanner and make sure you have configured it correctly.
  • You can try reinstalling the scanner as well as the printer.

These tips can be employed when your scanner is not working with your device. The other option is to contact us using Dell Help Number where a number of experts are available to answer all your queries and doubts. They are technically trained and efficient in solving all the scanning issues with Dell scanner. So you can be assured that your problem will be definitely solved after contacting here.

Moreover, all the tips and tricks are provided to make your device work more smoothly. Dell Scanner Support lets you deal with all the issues and the technicians work on your issues and provide you with a genuine and quick solution. We have a single platform to deal with all the printing and scanning issues. The troubled users can get relief by calling us on our support number as we possess all the required solutions for Dell scanning issues.

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