Adobe Flash Player Not Working on Mac OS.

Mac devices are the finest technology as it follows the high-end security measures, but the fact is higher the standards of security, higher the problem with third party software like Adobe Flash. This often occurs due to an outdated version of Adobe on your device and you aren’t able to update it using the Safari browser as it has blocked the required site. Another issue with the installation of Flash player can be the incorrect password of the Flash player which is required to complete the installation. Call upon Adobe Help Number and get the most accurate solution for the related issues and concerns.


To update the Adobe Flash Plugins, do the following;

Firstly you need to download and install it:

  • Go to the, download the Adobe Flash plugin.
  • Once it is downloaded completely, open and run the file.
  • Click “Install Adobe Flash player” to begin the installation.
  • Now when “Install Adobe Flash Player is an application downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it” click Open to proceed?
  • In the next step, you require to enter the password of your Mac OS X password and click OK.
  • Now, wait to complete the installation.
  • Select “Allow Adobe to install updates” and click “Next”.
  • Click Finish to wrap up the installation window.

How to Setup Adobe Flash Player on various browsers:

On Safari:

  • Open the Browser on your Device.
  • Go to the Apple menu bar and select Preferences.
  • On the website tab, choose “When visiting other websites’.
  • Refresh the browser and then Restart.

On Chrome:

  • Go to the Settings on the Chrome tab.
  • Choose the “Ask first” and turn it on.
  • Refresh the browser and Restart it.

On Opera:

  • Open the Opera Browser and under Apple menu bar, click Preferences.
  • Open the websites and select the “Allow sites to run Flash”.
  • Refresh the Opera Browser and restart the browser.

On Firefox:

  • Open the Firefox and select the Apple menu bar.
  • Select tools and then Add-ons.
  • Open the Plugins tab and turn the “Shockwave Flash” to “Always Activate”.

Note: The Shock Wave Flash is the special sort of Macromedia, owned by Adobe. This software is particularly used for web designing, animation, and other similar tasks.

Important Tip: When you visit the Adobe website, many of the times, users see a popup which has “Update Now” function. The people often click on the Update button which leads their account into the trap of hackers. The group of cyberpunks often use such false pop-ups to steal the information of users and add malware or spyware in their device with the trick. SO, avoid using the popup update windows on your device. Reach Adobe Support if you have installed the fake version of Flash player.

Update your browser:

There are chances that you browser prevents you to enable the Flash player plug-in on your device. So make sure you are using the updated version of the browser you are using to update or enable Flash player. Because incompatibility between your browser and plug-in can create a problem in the functioning of Adobe Flash player issues.

Uninstall and re-install Flash player plug-in:

Many often the Flash player stuck and prevent you from getting access to its features. So, if updating your Flash player isn’t possible, one must remove and re-install the Flash player plugin on your device.

Control the Flash Player Settings:

  1. Ask first: Chrome takes permission before running the Flash Player on your device. This one is the best security settings offered by Google to its users. So, if you have the site blocked on your Chrome, one must disable the security options.
  2. Block: add the desired URL’s of the Flash content when the Ask first option is enabled. Click on Add button in the Allow option and enter the URLs of the Flash Player site.

If you don’t fix the Adobe Flash player issues on your Mac OS, one must call Adobe Technical Support for the help and fix the issue.

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